• Transfer of immovable property, the hypothecation of immovable property with mortgage bond
    and the execution of various acts with regard thereto inter alia:
  • Preparation, drafting, lodgement and signing of deeds and documents
  • Registration of residential, commercial, sectional title properties
  • Registration of Farm land, rezoning, registration of servitudes such as right of way, mineral rights, usufruct
  • Issuing of Certificates of Title as well as change of title by endorsement (estate transfer/divorce)
  • Registration Partition transfers
  • Issuing of Certificates of Registered Title, opening of Township Title
  • Registration of Rectification Transfers
  • Assist with obtaining lost deeds, application & registration of mortgage bonds/notarial bonds/surety bonds and obtaining of necessary life cover.
  • Efficient and computerised transfer and bond registration procedures
  • Technology driven and a personal hands-on approach